Passionate Duo Providing Organic Vegan and Gluten-Free Meals
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Rob and Deb photo
Rob and Deb photo
Rob and Deb photo

About Us

Robert and Debora are the heart behind Vanda's Kitchen, an independent, organic catering leader in London, offering inclusive vegan and gluten-free options. Since 2019, we've specialised in in flavourful, organic, and scientifically grounded wholesome catering options, promoting health and wellness for all. Their varied selection is crafted with love by skilled chefs in their London kitchen.

About Vanda’s Kitchen

Vanda's Kitchen is dedicated to organic values, blending international tastes influenced by Deb's Brazilian heritage. We focus on locally sourced, organic produce and primarily provide sandwich platters, salad platters, sweet treat platters, specialist organic quiches and more.


confessions of an organic healthy meal company

What a tough time to launch in the midst of a global pandemic. What has happened in the last 30 months or so have given us time to review our processes and change our business model including ensuring we are doing our bit for the  climate by shifting towards a more sustainable food system.

Nutritional expertise

Rob's enthusiasm for fitness, honed through sports and coaching, brings a unique perspective to Vanda’s Kitchen.  Debora researches the science behind food ingredients to provide the best health outcomes for clients. Deb and Rob's dedication to health and wellness shines through every aspect of Vanda’s Kitchen. 

Vanda’s Kitchen Blog

They actively contribute to the Vanda’s Kitchen Blog, sharing valuable insights on nutrition, wellness, and the environmental impact of food choices.

Vanda’s Kitchen revolutionises healthy eating, offering organic, vegan, and gluten-free meals for all. Embracing principles of good nutrition and environmental preservation, it's a go-to choice for flavourful, nourishing, and health-conscious catering and bespoke meal service.

Organic Catering in London

Catering to London's diverse clientele, Vanda’s Kitchen is a popular choice for sports events, film shoots, fashion shows, and more, with a focus on health and wellness, incorporating protein whenever possible.

& US

We partner with dedicated organic growers and producers who share our mission to bring only the very best, most nutritious, healthy food to your table, whilst always treating the planet with respect.

By moving to an organic model we changed many things for the better in our kitchen from the chemicals we use and to the overall packaging which all have to be checked yearly.



All our packing is now recyclable and compostable and made from plants or bagasse which is a natural, abundant and renewable resource.

We have also now aligned with a number of delivery companies which has allowed us to bring a more renewable delivery model to our customers.