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Why using the correct form when exercising is important

Health is wealth and exercise is a key component to a healthy life. However, there are several types of exercise that one can do to lead a healthy life, and it often becomes confusing for people to decide what type of workout they should choose. So far in 2022 trends are already beginning to emerge with people paying more attention to their health after the last two years of health issues around the world. We at Vanda's Kitchen want all our customers to feel and look better. Here are some tips from us on why using the correct form when exercising is important to you. 

  • Walking – this is a fantastic low impact exercise suitable for all fitness levels and ages. It is also a great way to get in touch with nature and give your mental health a boost.
  • Yoga – Technology has been used in abundance in lockdown so many people have been stuck in front of screens and many have turned to yoga as it is easily online and on social media live feeds. This is a fantastic exercise for flexibility and to remove tension around the body.
  • Weights Training – This is probably the best exercise to see results in terms of boosting muscle mass, losing weight more quickly. Strength training also helps to speed up your metabolism, decrease body fat and helps reduce the risk of many degenerative diseases. We will use examples of this type of training throughout this article.

With all the above you must be extremely careful while performing such workouts since the slightest slip-up could result in a severe injury. Therefore, you need to ensure that you use the correct form while working out, and we have rounded up all the reasons why it is crucial for your well-being.

1. Reduced risk of injuries

Injuries are probably the most harmful and damaging when it comes to taking care of your health. The main reason behind taking care of your form during workouts is to save yourself from all sorts of injuries. HIIT is quite an intense workout routine, and it also involves the use of weights.

If you don't retain a proper form while working out with weights, then you could add additional strain on your muscles and joints. That would lead to muscle fatigue, and it can also break or damage your ligaments and tendons. Another injury hotspot while working out is your lower back and spine.

Spinal injuries are extremely common and the most harmful injuries. You could injure your spine just by performing squats. Any minor change in your technique could result in a damaged lower back. This can also induce sciatica pain. You also need to be very cautious while performing exercises for your core since they can lead to neck injuries.

reduce risk of injury

People are able to lift in proper form when the weight isn’t too heavy. When the weight is increased and becomes too heavy your body starts to compromise, by arching your back for example. It's called cheating. When people lift really heavy weights in proper form, which means they have trained hard for it.

Proper form is not only proper because it minimises your risk of injury, it is also proper because it maximises your strength output. Proper form generally does two things: places your joints, bones, tendons, muscles and all soft tissues in a safe position, and ensures your movement is the most efficient path for lifting weights.

Therefore, you must always make sure that you are following the proper form before working out. Having a proper technique will save you from the risk of getting injured while working out. You could take help from different videos, and you could also get help from a professional trainer to sort out the proper form for a particular exercise.

2. Improved results

Everyone works out to see good results. However, every person has their own body shape and type. This means that not everyone gets effective results in a short period of time. However, one thing we tend to forget is paying close attention to our form. There are many times when a person doesn't get their desired results and this is due to using improper form while working out.

Therefore, you need to make sure that you have the proper form while working out so that you get the best results. If you start to push or stretch your body out too much and bend in the wrong place, then you won’t be performing the exercise properly.

Two exercises we would recommend for maximum results and to improve overall flexibility and strength are the Squat and the Deadlift. These are two fundamental exercises which are multi-joint exercises to rehabilitate your body, but before you do these you must be physically capable of training in this manner. If you have bad joints, bad back, have a history of muscle tear, then see a medical doctor before playing with a loaded barbell. You could practice using bodyweight and this would also help the form

If you intend on losing weight using these exercises don’t waste your time until you focus on your nutrition first.

Improved results

Focusing on this type of training with the nutrition right can have so many benefits, you will end up very strong, fit, lean and happy. Over time, you will get mentally tough which will help with depression, anxiety, lack of self-confidence, your overall athletic performance and morale will increase. Recommended for young, old, male and female. Learn to train with a barbell and start small and work your way up. Training this way is very intense but you can build great conditioning of heart and lungs, leading to more endurance, stamina, and strength.

And if you aren't doing it right then, you won't get optimal results either. Therefore, it's important for you to understand how to perform the exercise properly, so you don't waste your energy. Once you start doing it correctly, it will also become easier for you to perform it, and you will start noticing a positive change as well. 

3. Easier to attain your goals

Every person has specific goals in mind while working out. Some people want to do it for toning their body, and some people do it to lose weight while others workout to improve their strength and endurance. This means that every person knows what they want from their workout.

Therefore, you need to ensure that you have a proper form while working out, and this can only be done by focusing on the technique of the exercise. All exercises have a specific technique, and they can only work well if you pay attention to the technique. So, no matter what your goal is, it will become easier to attain it once you focus on your form.

4. No more wasted energy

If you aren’t following the right technique, then you’re just wasting your time and energy. You will only get your desired results if you follow the right technique. However, if you do something wrong, then the workout becomes ineffective, and you just end up wasting your breath.

no more wasted energy

However, if you pay close attention to your form and focus on the technique, then you won't feel uncomfortable working out either and all your energy will be put to good use by making you reach your goals. Otherwise, you will just be working out thinking you're doing it right, while you would be wasting your time and energy and you'll get zero results.

Getting enough sleep will also help you to recover from your training sessions. If neglected, you will experience symptoms of over-training; severe fatigue and health problems and do not neglect the nutrition which is the energy for your body.

5. Improved oxygen supply

Oxygen is extremely important to support life as it helps to breathe. Our body needs a proper supply of oxygen to work efficiently as well. Our muscles also need oxygen to perform well. However, if our workout technique is flawed, our muscles won’t get ample oxygen.

The simplest technique for weight lifting includes breathing in when you lower the weight and breathe out when you lift it up. When you breathe in a while, lowering the weights, your muscles get a fresh oxygen supply that prepares them for lifting weights again. Breathing out when you lift the weight reduces some pressure from your muscles and makes it easier to lift the weights.

improved oxygen supply


6. Final word

Form also means technique, and following the right technique is important while doing anything and everything. If you want to get good results, then you must be sure that what you're doing is right.

Therefore, you need to take care of your form while working out since the incorrect form can cause serious injuries, waste your energy, not give effective results and reduce your oxygen supply to the muscles as well. The main point is that if you want quick and effective results, then you need to pay close attention to the form.

Weight training is a fantastic method of training your entire body. It’s a journey, train hard (with the correct form), eat well, sleep well and your entire body fat will start to decrease along with serious lean muscle gain.